We Need Highly Skilled Immigrants NOW!

December 27, 2010 at 3:41 pm Leave a comment

I don’t have an opinion on the DREAM Act.  At least not one that I care to share publicly.  However, I do have an opinion on our current immigration policies that affect highly skilled individuals from working in the United States.  That is, our current government policies disallow the best minds around the world to come and live and work and be Americans. 

First, we need to stop comparing our manufacturing capabilities to China.  When a Chinese worker earns $1 per hour and the US federal minimum wage is $7, there is no competition.  No amount of legislating, embargoes, taxes, subsidies, will do anything  to equal the playing field in competition.  If your job was in mindless assembly work that did not require more than a high school education, your job is gone and it is never, ever coming back.  Because as soon as China’s GDP per capita rises, manufacturers will move to the next source of cheap labor.  Yesterday’s boogeyman was Japan, today it’s China, tomorrow it’s Indonesia.

Trying to be competitive in low skilled manufacturing is a race to the bottom.  It’s like an adult trying to compete against children at childrens’ games.  Adults can do it, but why?  It’s not worth their time.  The adults need to focus on the value they can provide as adults.  That’s not a slam against China.  They are in their infancy and we are an old capitalist power. 

But we "don’t make anything anymore!"  Right, manufacturing is the backbone of industry and a sort of infrastructure to itself.  I get that.  But if Japan and Korea are any indication of manufacturing powers that have moved on to bigger and better things, I don’t see why the United States needs to be so obsessed about it.  What America needs now is not more muscle.  We need more brains.

As of right now, December 2010, there is talk of an oversupply of venture capitalists and/or angel investors.  The theory is that we have a glut of investors that are so rich that they put bits of money into every startup company they see.  The idea is to get in early on the action.  Why wait for an IPO, right?  That’s so 1999.  And because of all the investors putting their money into projects that they barely have any idea about, the actual resources, the actual coders, the engineers, the brains, are in short supply.  Investor money is pulling resources in the wrong direction and creating brain drain.  And while that theory is very eye opening, if true, it points the finger at the wrong person. 

A glut of investor money is not the problem.  Rather, it is a blessing that we can mobilize massive amounts of capital ready to fund a brilliant idea at a moment’s notice.  It’s the lack of brain power that is the problem to make use of all that investor money.  And what causes the lack of brain power?  It’s the immigration policy, stupid.   

1.  Investors are the only ones in America that have savings.  Ergo, why would we want them to stop spending?    
2.  We already attract the best brains around the world.  They are dying to live here.  Our government just doesn’t let them in. 
3.  Our geography is our huge competitive advantage.  There is a finite amount of physical land in the world.  The U.S. has awesome land that other people would really like to live on. 

While the immigration debate is extremely controversial, there is one aspect of it that should not be.  We need to attract the best minds and have them live in America and be Americans.  Those minds, if not allowed to flourish here, will be the revenue generator for some other country.  And I, as a strong believer in American Exceptionalism, find that appalling. 


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